Alex in 2005

Alex training
This is Alex playing with his trains (1/2005)

Alex sledding
This is Alex hitting Grandpa Rog's sled run (2/2005)

Alex in shades
This is Alex getting comfortable in the car for a ride to Grandma and Grandpa's house (3/2005)

Alex being sweet
This is Alex being sweet in his new Thomas t-shirt (4/2005)

Alex and Annabel 2
This is Alex and Annabel at the beach (5/2005)

Alex in the minivan
This is the Alex riding in Mommy's new minivan (6/2005)

Alex playing
This is Alex making sure that he is constantly covered with sand while camping (7/2005)

Alex in bath
This is Alex taking a bath (8/2005)

Alex first day of school
This is Alex on his first day of preschool (9/2005)

Alex hanging out
This is Thomas the Tank Engine trick-or-treating on Haloween (10/2005)

Alex sledding
This is Alex sledding with Bradley, Annabel, and Mitchell (11/2005)

Alex, Will, Curran, and Annabel
This is Alex with Will, Curran, and Annabel on Christmas at Grandma and Grandpa K's (12/2005)

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