Alex in 2006

Alex playing guitar
This is Alex playing his guitar (1/2006)

Alex's birthday
This is Alex and his four-year-old Thomas birthday cake (2/2006)

Alex on trike
This is Alex riding his tricycle (3/2006)

Alex napping
This is Alex taking a little nap on his chair (4/2006)

Alex in Chicago
This is Alex and Annabel with cousins Caden and Calvin (5/2006)

Alex video gaming
This is Alex and his sister playing Star Wars the video game (6/2006)

Alex driving
This is Alex driving a firetruck at Michigan Adventure (7/2006)

Alex on vacation
This is Alex hanging out in Caseville (8/2006)

Alex's LEGOs
This is Alex constructing a LEGO masterpiece (9/2006)

Alex at the zoo
This is Alex, Annabel and Will at the Detroit Zoo (10/2006)

Alex's LEGOs 2
This is Alex proudly showing off his LEGO face (11/2006)

Alex's LEGOs 3
This is Alex's LEGO sleigh (12/2006)

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