Alex in 2007

Alex and Jabba
This is Alex playing with Jabba's Sail Barge (1/2007)

Alex and Annabel
This is Alex and Annabel hanging out with Spongebob Squarepants (2/2007)

Alex on the swings
This is Alex enjoying a spring day on the swing set (3/2007)

Alex in hat
This is Alex in his newspaper hat that he made at Art Night (4/2007)

Alex dancing
This is Alex doing a little dance (5/2007)

Alex and annuals
This is Alex at the Michigan State University Annual Gardens (6/2007)

Alex on Mackinac Island
This is Alex enjoying Mackinac Island (7/2007)

Alex on the slide
This is Alex looking like the slide was no big deal (8/2007)

Alex first day of school
This is Alex on his first day of Kindergarten (9/2007)

Alex with his pumpkin
This is Alex the Jedi Knight with his jack-o-lantern (10/2007)

Alex and his Star Destroyer
This is Alex and his LEGO Star Destroyer (11/2007)

Alex at Grandma V's
This is Alex celibrating Christmas at Grandma and Grandpa V's (12/2007)

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