Alex in 2008

Alex's snow angel
This is Alex making a snow angel (1/2008)

Alex at Ceasarland #2
This is Alex and his Spongebob birthday cake (2/2008)

Alex, Will, Annabel, and Curran
This is Alex celebrating Easter with Annabel and his cousins Will and Curran (3/2008)

Alex's bike
This is Alex on his brand new bike (4/2008)

Alex in fuzzy hat
This is Alex in Annabel's fuzzy hat (5/2008)

Alex and the giant clam
This is Alex and Annabel hanging out with the Giant Man-Eating Clam at Sea Shell City (6/2008)

Alex camping in PA
This is Alex camping in PA (7/2008)

Alex in the sand
This is Alex in the sand (8/2008)

Alex waiting for the bus
This is Alex waiting for the school bus (9/2008)

Alex and his pumpkin
This is Alex and his pumpkin (10/2008)

Alex winter
This is Alex enjoying the early Michigan winter this year (11/2008)

Alex and the tree
This is Alex and the Christmas Tree (12/2008)

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